HTTP Session

You can use your own requests.Session objects for sending HTTP requests to QuadrigaCX. For example, let’s say you want:

  • Automatic retries
  • Additional request header called x-my-header

You can initialize and inject your session as follows:

from requests.adapters import HTTPAdapter
from requests import Session

from quadriga import QuadrigaClient

session = Session()

# Enable automatic retries.
adapter = HTTPAdapter(max_retries=5)
session.mount('https://', adapter)

# Add your request header.
session.headers.update({'x-my-header': 'true'})

# Inject the session during client initialization.
client = QuadrigaClient(session=session)'eth_cad').get_ticker()'eth_cad').get_public_orders()

For more information on how to configure a requests.Session object, refer to requests documentation.